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This article will discuss the career path for Business Development Manager Salary. Find out how to become one, what you need to know, your job duties, and the national salary outlook. Also, find top employers for Business Development Managers.

Business Development Manager Salary for Job Duties

Managers in business development are responsible for identifying and managing realistic expectations. They develop business plans that increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. Their work closely relates to that of marketing and advertising managers.

Business development manager salary collaborate closely with staff to define and determine the needs of projects and agree on time frames. They work closely with other managers to track the progress made. They are effective leaders and can motivate others.

Managers are responsible for setting sales goals and managing accounts. These managers must be able to communicate clearly in both writing and speech and can use office software. They use spreadsheets to create reports, proposals and presentations. They are also responsible for evaluating and researching different products and projects, as well as analyzing the market. They also keep statistics on progress.

Business development managers typically have a bachelor’s in business administration or business management. These managers should also have several years of experience in business development management. The best prospects are for those who have certificates in business leadership.

Education Requirements Business Development Manager Salary

A business development manager salary should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Those with certifications in specific areas of management and leadership are preferred. Perhaps even more important is the amount of experience. Managers rise from entry-level positions by advancing through the ranks.

  • Suggested degrees required
  • Salary according to State

Below is a list of salaries for business development manager salary in each state. These figures are based upon the number of job postings. The average salary in the United States ranks 47th, with DC having the highest quoted salary at $85,926 and West Virginia having the lowest at $54,472. Employers like Lamps also had job openings. The average salary is 40th in the United States. Employers such as Direct Sales Recruiting, LLC, Universal Truckload Inc., SMS, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting had job openings. The average salary is 42nd in the country. Cameron Smith & craigslist chattanooga Associates, Krystal Glass Writing Boards and Krystal(tm), Glass Writing Boards had job openings. The average salary is 41st in the United States. There were also job openings from employers like Career Evolutions, Sound Guard –, KB INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, and My Apply Business. The average salary ranks 13th among states in the country. Employers such as Pivot Hire Recruitment Solutions and SMS, Equity Staffing Group had job openings. The average salary is 4th in the country. Employers such as Robert Half Finance & Accounting and The Sales Zone, Cyber Coders and SMS also had job openings.