Tips to help you deal with insurance after an accident

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Tips to help you deal with insurance after an accident

Although it may seem like the last thing on your mind insurance after an accident is how to handle insurance companies, it’s one of the most important topics to consider.

If you are injured and someone else is responsible, you do not need fair compensation. You deserve it. It’s true that the way you handle insurance cases can make or break your case. This is why we’ve compiled this list of important tips.

Continue reading to learn more about insurance and how to handle it after an accident. If you are ready to pursue compensation for your injuries or damages, contact the Costa Mesa lawyer at Case Barnett Law.

7 Essential Tips to Help You Handle Insurance After a California Car Collision

Unless you have been involved in a large number of car crashes, chances are you haven’t spoken to insurance representatives or adjusters in the last few years. You may be surprised at how helpful and friendly they seem the next time you speak with one. Don’t give up!

Insurance companies train their employees to do one task: Reduce the amount they pay you. You need to be prepared for these conversations with tips and tricks to help you defeat their strategies. Here are seven tips to help you deal with insurance after an injury.

Don’t Admit Fault

California law makes it possible to be held liable for damages resulting from an accident if you are at fault. If you speak anything that could be interpreted by an insurance company as an admission of fault for the accident, it may affect your ability to collect a settlement.

This is another way to say you should not admit to wrongdoing, or give too many details about the accident when talking with an insurance company. Insurance companies know how to get you to say something that could make you the at-fault party.

Get in touch with an attorney

An experienced attorney can help you avoid saying anything that could damage your car accident claim. Our car accident lawyers are familiar with the tactics of insurance companies and have devised a variety of counter-methods to maximize our clients’ claims.

In this instance, insurance companies won’t allow you to hire an attorney. You may be made to believe that you must talk to them before you call a lawyer. It is not. Before you deal with insurance after an accident, it is your right to contact your attorney.

Beware of Recorded Statements

You might be contacted by the insurance company to tell you that they want to know the details of the accident. You might be asked to give a recorded statement detailing what happened. This is almost always a trap to get you to say something that could be used against your case when you seek compensation.

You are not legally required to give a recorded statement, regardless of what your insurer claims. You can also say that your attorney would be pleased to give the details of your accident.

Keep an eye out for speedy settlement offers

In certain cases, insurers may issue a lightning fast settlement offer — sometimes in a matter of days or less after the crash. Although this may seem like you have won, it is not necessarily a winning offer. These are sometimes low-ball offers. Before you can understand how much money you actually have, the insurer will want you to accept a lower amount than you are owed.

After you accept the settlement, additional expenses related to your injuries and accident will need to be paid out of your own pocket. It’s a good idea for your attorney to review any settlement offers you receive from insurance companies.

Don’t give too much detail about your injuries

Be careful when the insurer asks for details about your injuries’ “nature” or “extent”. If you fail to provide any details about your injury, or if your injury becomes more severe over time, the insurance company may ask you again and claim that you do not deserve compensation.

The insurance company doesn’t need to know everything about your injuries. You can inform them that you are still assessing and treating your injuries. They will then be directed to your lawyer for further information.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are not on your side

It is important to remember that insurance companies are not your friends, even if you have to deal with them after an accident. Although they may appear friendly to get your attention, they are not your friend.

They are on your side and their number one priority is to reduce the amount they have to spend.

Take photos of the accident and your injuries

There are no limits to the number of photos and videos you can take of your injuries or accident scene. It is possible to not end up using all of the photos or videos. Your documentation of the accident will prove your side and help you to get full compensation.

As safe as it is, take as many photos as you can of the accident. This includes your vehicle, any other vehicles involved, the immediate area, your injuries and the injuries of anyone else. It’s helpful to take photographs of your injuries every few days in order to show how they are recovering.

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