Star Jumps Exercise: How it works and the benefits for your body?

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You can do many different types of exercises at home, without needing expensive equipment. One of these is star jumping. Star jumps exercise can be done in your own home and are simple. Star jumping is a more intense exercise than jumping jack, even though it may seem simple.

Tripboba will discuss star jumping, the benefits it can bring to your body, and how to do it.

What is Star Jumps Exercise?

Star jumping is a type of exercise that targets multiple parts of your body simultaneously, including shoulders, calves and glutes. Although the difficulty of the start jump is moderate, it has a high impact on your body.

You don’t even need to have any equipment for this cardio and weight exercise. It’s also very easy to do at home. You can move the exercise by jumping on the spot and swinging your arms and legs simultaneously.

Star Jumps Exercises

Although star jumping seems simple, you should experience it for yourself to understand how it affects your body. These are the steps to follow in order to perform star jumps exercise.

Step 1. Start in a crouched la fitness miami position with your back flat, your feet together, and hands touching the sides of your lower legs or your ankle.

Step 2. From this position, jump up as high as you can use the highest power that you can muster with your body.

Step 3. Right after your feet leave the ground, spread your legs outward to the sides, and then spread your arms up and out to the sides at the same time.

Step 4. At the highest point of your jump, your body will make a star-shaped form, hence the name star jumps. 

Step 5. Bring your arms and legs in as you land back on the ground so that your feet are positioned under your hips and your arms by your sides.

Star Jumps Exercise Benefits

Your body will benefit from the star jumps exercise. Star jumping is a plyometric exercise that requires you to push your body off of the ground. This plyometric move can improve muscle activation, neuromuscular coordination, as well as your explosive body power.

Star jumping is a great way to tone your muscles and increase your stamina. It is also an exercise that can increase heart rate and blood flow. Cardiovascular exercise is good for your body as it provides many butterfly exercise benefits for your health. Star jumping regularly can increase your heart beat, which will in turn improve your aerobic capacity and strengthen the heart.