Who is “Tooka”?

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Chicago gang Tooka member and King Von lyrics Inspiration

Tooka, the Chicago teenager who was shot and killed by gang members in 2012, is anyone? Why is he so hated today? Tooka’s resurgent appearance in King Von lyrics and internet discussion is eight years after his death.

Tooka was waiting at the bus stop on 12 January 2012 when a car pulled up right in front of him. After exchanging a few words with Tooka, a passenger got out of his car and shot him multiple times. Tooka was declared dead on the spot.

Tooka was a well-known affiliate of Chicago gang Gangster Disciples (GD). It is believed that his shooting was in retaliation to the death of Eddrick Walker (17), aka Ty, a member of the Black Disciples (BD). GD members are thought to have killed Walker.

As a retribution for Tooka’s death, GD shot Odee Perry, a 20-year-old member of BD gang. Gakirah Barnes, Tooka’s close friend, is believed to be responsible for the murder, according to the Daily Mail. The Mail described her as “one of the most notorious female criminal gang members in US History”.

Tooka is a hated place by King Von

King Von, a rapper hailing from O Block in the south side Chicago, was named Odee Perry after fellow gang members. King Von, also known as King Dave, is the grandson David Barksdale founder of BD.

Chicago gang members often taunt one another via songs and social media. King Von has even mentioned “smoking takena” several times.

Urban Dictionary defines smoking tooka as “A term used to describe potent cannabis.” This term was created after Chief Keef’s Black Disciples crew murdered Shondale Tooka’ Gregory. Shondale’s death is now humiliated by’smoking takea’

King Von sings All These Ns and rhymes: “Tooka into my lung, I say this every time, ’cause, he got smoke.” (He got smoked).”

This is why Tooka is back in the news, and it’s leading the online community to wonder why King Von seems so hateful.

Reddit user says King Von was beaten by Tooka at one point

The video shows a user saying at 1:29 “F*** Tooka, we took his life.” Originally posted to Instagram, the video reached more than 8,000 views and is still trending online eight years after his death.

Tooka is just one of many gang members who were brutally murdered and then mocked on the internet. He is however one of the few who is known around the globe.

This informational video about Chicago’s Gang War will help you understand more about gang violence.

Rap Today: Tooka’s Death Still Reverberates

Chicago is one of the most famous cities in America. Unfortunately, many of its reputations are not good. Over the past several decades, gun violence has been a growing problem in Chicago. Many lives have been lost due to gang conflicts and other incidents. Tooka, also known as Shondale Gregory.

Who was Tooka?

To understand the impact Tooka has had on hip-hop, we first have to know who Tooka is. Tooka, who was born and raised in Chicago, was a member Gangster Disciples (GD). Street legends Larry Hoover, David Barksdale and others founded the gang in the late 1960s. Hoover was previously the leader a gang called Supreme Gangsters, while Barksdale was the leader the Black Disciples. These two groups merged to create GD. However, GD and Black Disciples became deadly rivals in the years that followed.

Tooka, despite his youth, was well-known in Chicago’s gang scene and became a target. Tooka’s death at the bus station triggered the murder of Odee Perry, a rival gang member. Due to the violence and age of the victims, both killings were headline-grabbing outside of Chicago.

Chief Keef, a Chicago rapper, started disrespecting in music. Keef is well-known for his association with the Black Disciples, which has been involved in decades of feuding with Tooka’s gang. Keef insulted at the beginning of his career. He rapped “3hunna”, in which he said, “F**k an Gang b**ch, I’m 3hunna”. Over the years, Chief Keef continued to disparage in many other tracks.

King Von

Dayvon Bennett (AKA King Von) was another rapper who dissed. King Von gained attention for his music first in 2019 with the release of a mixtape called Grandson Vol. 1. He was quickly one of Chicago’s most talked about rising stars and his gritty lyrics were a hit with many people.