Vitrol: Origins

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Sulphuric acid is also known as “oil of Vitro l, and it is a corrosive, nasty liquid. “vitriolic,” a term that refers to virulent language, is an appropriate name for this toxic substance. It may seem strange that “vitrol” is derived from the Latin word for glass. Glass is an inert substance. There is an explanation. Heating naturally occurring minerals made of sulphates was the first method to make sulphuric acids. Although these compounds may have different colors, they all have a similar “glassy” appearance. Copper sulphate can also be called blue vitrol or zinc sulphate, white Vitrol or iron sulphate, and red vitrol is cobalt sulphate. All these compounds react with heat to become their oxides and release water. The water is then combined with sulphur trioxide to create sulphuric acids. This process was discovered by Jabir ibnhayan, an 8th-century Muslim alchemist. He is also known as Geber.

Vitrol was a key ingredient in alchemy. It can dissolve almost every substance except gold. The reactivity of sulphuric acids with sugar is a classic example of its capabilities. It quickly removes oxygen and hydrogen from a molecule, leaving behind a mass carbon that expands rapidly due to the hot escaping gases. MacGyver, a classic TV star, cleverly exploited this reaction by plugging a leak in a tank of sulphuric acids with a chocolate bar. Today, sulphuric Acid is the most commonly produced industrial chemical. It’s used in the production process of fertilizer and steel, as well as many plastics. Modern production is based on the burning of sulphur to make sulphur dioxide, and then reacting craigslist delaware it with water. Most people are familiar with sulphuric acid, which is often seen in popular culture. Two Face, the villain of Batman, was disfigured by sulphuric acids thrown in his face. It was featured in an episode of Saturday Night Live, where it was used to sketch about Sheriff Josh Acid. He carried a flask filled with sulphuric acids instead of a gun. Mel Gibson hosted the episode, making corrosive antisemitic comments after being arrested for drunken driving. He later apologized for his “vitriolic language”.

Vitrol Product Description

  • Vitrol-D Tablet: Calcium Citrate 1000 mg, Vitamin D3 200I.U, Zinc Sulphate 4 mg, Magnesium 100mg.
  • Vitrol Sachet: Complete Calcium Drink containing Calcium 250mg, Vitamin D3 200I.U and L-Lysine 0.25mg
  • Vitrol Softgel Capsule: Calcitriol 0.25mcg, Calcium Citrate 500mg, Zinc Oxide 7.5 mg, Magnesium 50 mg.
  • Vitrol-M Softgel Capsule in Drug: Folic Acid 1.5 mg and Calcium Carbonate 500mg, Calcitirol 0.25 mg.
  • Vitrol-M Softgel Capsule In Fod: Mecobalamin 1500 mcg, Calcitirol 0.25mcg, Calcium Citrate 500 mg, Zinc Oxide 22.5 mg, Magnesium 50 mg.

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