Analogy of Your Life to Your Car: Protection

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A car is one of many metaphors that describe life. Our bodies are like a tuned car engine that runs at maximum efficiency. We can keep our bodies in top shape by exercising regularly. Unbalanced life can lead to mental, emotional, or worse physical trauma.

Driving a car is a way of life that’s not unlike any other. Sometimes you know exactly where and when you will park your car. Sometimes you don’t have a destination in mind. You just hop in your car, and drive anywhere you want. That’s life, right?

You meet people while driving along the roads, especially if you stop at a place along the way. These people become friends and you meet them. The hearty laughter and conversations last only a few minutes before everyone gets on the freeway going in the same direction or the other. This is how life works in our lives: we meet new people, become friends with them, learn from them and eventually, the relationships end.

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We also bump and swerve our cars a lot on the roads. Sometimes, if we’re unlucky, we even crash. We all experience bad times in life, which can be compared to the paint chipping or scratching. These are minor bumps in the road.

There are also times when your car is completely damaged, dented or scratched. This can cause financial problems for you. Your car insurance will cover you for any financial losses.

What if the accident is fatal? Your family might be entitled to a reimbursement for the damages to their car. But will they be able survive without you? This should prompt you to think about your life and the consequences for your family if you are not there. You can buy a vehicle again, but not your life.

You have protected your car, but what about your life?

Car insurance is required for everyone who owns a vehicle. But, life insurance is not mandatory for most people, even though their spouse or children are dependent on it.

Your life should be covered just like you do your car. Without you, your family’s future would be ruined by the burden of your debts, your children’s education, or your spouse’s old age.

Simply put, death, critical illness or disability can permanently alter the lives of your loved ones. Are you and your family prepared to face such dire events without financial strain? If the answer is “No”, it’s reasonable to purchase “Term Insurance” to protect your family’s financial future from all sorts of worry.

Why choose term insurance?

We should make sure that we insure our lives. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It could be a lack of awareness, carelessness, ignorance, or procrastination. We don’t realize the risk. Term insurance can give you the peace of mind that your family will be financially secure if you’re not there.

Term insurance pays out if you die during the policy term. It provides the financial support your dependents (spouse, children, parents) need to live comfortably and maintain their standard. Your term plan payout can help ease financial stress for your loved ones and can also be used to pay off your debts:

1. Hypothecation for a house

2. Unpaid debt

3. Education costs

4. Marital expenses for children and so forth

Term insurance also offers other benefits, such as:

1. Affordability

2. Young people can lock in low premium rates

3. Riders are available to expand the coverage

4. Flexible payout options: lump sum, monthly income, or part lump sum and monthly income

5. Tax benefits under Section 80C

Give your loved ones lifelong security with term insurance

Max Life Insurance has a comprehensive plan that covers your entire family if you’re looking for term insurance to protect your family. Max Life Smart Secure Plus, an affordable plan, offers coverage for up to 85-years old. You can also choose your policy term and premium payment terms. You have the option to buy additional riders, such as ‘Accelerated Crimilness Cover’ or ‘Accidental Insurance Cover’ for a premium payment. This allows you to financially protect yourself from untoward events, like accidents and critical illnesses.

We can summarize by saying that just as you value your car and insure your vehicle, so must you value your life and purchase sufficient coverage. You can save money on your car insurance, but why not use it to protect your family.