Canary Travel: Insurance is necessary for islands

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  • Travel insurance is essential for anyone who travels to the Canaries.
  • It will cover you and your family in the event of an illness or accident, as well as your belongings being stolen or lost during your holiday.
  • Travel insurance can also cover you in the unlikely event of your holiday being cut short or cancelled unintentionally. This could leave you seriously out of pocket.

What should my Canary Travel Insurance Policy include?

The following should be included in a good travel insurance policy for Canary Islands (Tenerife Fuerteventura Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote among others).

  • Coverage for medical expenses up to PS5m
  • In the event that you are required to return to the UK (e.g., by an air ambulance), there is coverage for your repatriation.
  • You can get insurance to cover the cancellation or curtailment.
  • You can get coverage for delayed departures and missed departures in case of uncontrollable circumstances, such as a car breakdown, that cause you to miss your flight.
  • In the unlikely event of problems on your journey, you need to have travel insurance to cover your expenses.
  • Protection for stolen and lost baggage
  • You will be covered for the theft or loss of your passport. Although this is not always included in the standard package, it is worth considering. It can be difficult and costly to get a new passport abroad.
  • Personal liability coverage – to cover you for injuries or damages to others.

Islands Canary Travel Insurance: Exclusions and Things to Watch Out For

Every insurance policy has exclusions. Travel insurance is no exception.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions. This includes any illness you have reported to your doctor before traveling. You’ll be charged more for these conditions or have to look for a specialist insurance company.
  • You may be affected by unexpected events like war, terrorist acts, or natural disasters.
  • Accidents, injuries, and illnesses caused by alcohol – you or another person.
  • Avoid places that the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has warned British tourists not to travel to.

Can an EHIC/GHIC be used to cover me in the canary travel Islands

The canary travel Islands form part of Spain so a European Health Insurance Card or the new Global Health Insurance Card will provide coverage for you while on vacation.

Although the cards can be a safety net, they cannot replace high-quality travel insurance. They don’t cover repatriation, cancellation, or other issues. You may also have to pay for care in another country that you wouldn’t get for free.