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La Fitness Miami is a well-known brand that has been steadily growing its presence in an industry often associated with fashion and fads. It focuses on the only benefit everyone wants: good health.

We were founded in Southern California in 1984 and continue to look for innovative ways to improve the health and well-being of our ever-growing membership. Our state-of the-art clubs are spread across continents and we’re constantly expanding. We have seen strong growth and success because we are committed to understanding the unique needs of each community that we serve. We offer a wide variety of amenities and highly-trained staff to provide effective and fun workout options for families of all ages. We know that a healthy society is dependent on the well-being of all its members. Our focus is to give our members the best value for their money to make La Fitness Miami more accessible to everyone.

  • Two black men claim they were racially profiled at La Fitness Miami in Secaucus. They were then ordered to leave the gym.
  • Rachid Maiga (27), and Thyroid Oates (25), broke their silence regarding the April 15 confrontation.

Maiga, a semipro basketball player, was a La Fitness Miami member since 2008. He paid a premium for the Signature Location and drove a long distance to get to the gym to use the prized basketball court. He was swiped in without any issues and he waited to see Oates, an account executive who checked in separately with his four-day guest pass.

They claimed they were playing basketball for several minutes before Oates’s staff confronted them.

“She tells me that I am not a member. She isn’t asking me. Maiga, a long-standing LA Fitness member, said that she’s telling her I’m not a Member. “I told her I am a member and she was like, ‘If the guys don’t get out, we’re going calling the police.’

The friends refused to go. Maiga thought, “We have nothing left to hide, and we did not do anything wrong.”

Two Secaucus officers arrived. Maiga reached into his locker to retrieve his membership badge, and took it to the front desk for rescan. He said that he started recording with his phone because he knew that he wouldn’t be given the benefit the doubt and that it would automatically assume that he did something wrong.

Oates posted four videos that went viral on social media. They were inspired by the outrage over two incidents three days earlier in which two black men were detained at a Starbucks near Philadelphia. Starbucks later issued an apology and said that all stores would be closed for bias training on May 29th.