Ten Unexpected Factors That Can invalidate your Car Insurance

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Ten Unexpected Factors That Can invalidate your Car Insurance

There’s an estimate of one million drivers without insurance in the UK’s roads, and that’s partly responsible for the spiralling prices of motor insurance. Some people believe that drivers without insurance should face punishment. Did you realize there are other methods to drive uninsured? There are many reasons that suggest that when you are in the middle, your car insurance will not pay. Here are ten surprising ways in which you might be infringing your motor vehicle insurance.

1. You have recently upgraded your vehicle

Your insurance for your vehicle may be invalid if don’t inform your insurance company about the upgrade of your vehicle. This applies to more than just the obvious, for example, increasing your car’s engine’s size. It may also be applicable to simple things such as fitting alloy wheels.

2. Allowing your dog to run loose inside the vehicle

If you allow your dog to run around inside your car then clearly it can distract you from driving. If you have an accident, then your dog will be at for the blame, and you’ll not receive any reimbursement from your insurance.

3. Arrears on your Instalment Plan

It is crucial to ensure that your car insurance installments are up-to-date. If you do not make a payment, your insurance will be removed.

4. Allowing your MOT to expire

If you did not bring your car in for an MOT, then it could mean you’re no longer covered. A vehicle without a valid MOT is considered insufficiently roadworthy by insurance firms. This could be a violation of the rules of your vehicle.

5. Using your car for business

It is crucial to read the fine print in any policies to find out the definition of business use. On some motor polices the insurance policy will not cover you for using your car to a business event that is only one-time. Some insurance policies don’t even cover you for your daily commute.

6. You can leave your keys in the car

Are you prone to forgetting to switch the key in your vehicle? Even if you leave your vehicle unattended with the keys inside for a minute you will be uninsured. It is possible to take your keys with you if you need to return inside because you forgot something.

7. Car sharing

Insurance companies will not think it is a sign you operate a taxi business if you allow friends to use your car as a business vehicle. If you start making any money at all through car sharing, you may be liable for invalidating your insurance coverage for motor vehicles.

8. Do not obey road signs

If you ignore road signs that inform you that the road is closed or isn’t suitable for motor vehicles, then do not ignore the warnings. Even when the road appears to be secure, your insurance may not cover you if you cause an accident.

9. Find a new job

Be aware if you are granted a promotion at work or change jobs. Your insurance premiums may depend on the title you hold for your job. Different professions have different risk levels. You must inform your insurance company when you change your jobor might not be able to pay when you need them to.

10. Not disclosing the history of driving of a driver named

You must disclose any past accidents if you add a named driver as a driver to your car insurance policy. It is possible to be denied insurance in the event that you do not reveal the background of a named driver.

These factors can cause your insurance for your car.

  • “I’m not sure about certain details I need to provide Does it matter if it’s not 100% accurate?”
  • It’s important. Intentionally misrepresenting the information on your insurance policy could result in the policy being cancelled, or more likely, it could be declared null and invalid.
  • You can get a quote without knowing the entire details It’s fine to not know everything before you sign up for and pay for your insurance.
  • “I have told you that my car will be parked at mum’s in the evening, however it’s usually in my garage. Do you think that’s okay?”
  • Your insurance won’t be affected by your visit to relatives or friends in another city during the duration of the night. But, if you park your car in one place and then leave it there, your insurance will be affected.
  • Think about where you’ll park your vehicle for the majority of your time. Stick to that location.

Can I utilize a broker to assist me?

We are able to offer quotes on elephants, or through websites that compare. If a broker states they have a quote by us, you should walk away immediately, we don’t work with brokers. We’ll take the policy off when you allow them to establish it. A quote that is completed by someone other than you could lead to your policy becoming filled with errors.

My friend can drive my car?

The person you are sharing the car with should not drive your car unless they are the named driver as per your policy. Even if they have the driving other cars extension as part of their policy in the event that they get into an accident , we’ll be liable to the third party not for any damage to your car.

What happens if my car is damaged?

You should immediately take care of your car if it requires repairs or maintenance. If you own a vehicle that isn’t roadworthy and end up involved in an accident, it may cause your claim to be denied.

It is also important to drive cautiously, pay attention to speed limits, and be careful on the roads.

Do I need to inform you of any changes?

You must notify us if there are any changes to your policy schedule so that we can correct your information. This includes things like changing the class of use on your car or increasing your annual mileage.

If I’m involved in an accident and the damage isn’t too severe Do I have to report it to you?

Even if your accident isn’t serious, it is imperative to inform us. The Elephant’s policy booklets say that if the policyholder, or any other driver listed in the policy, gets involved in an accident or suffers any loss regardless of how small, and even if you don’t wish you make a claim we must be informed immediately.

It’s a mystery to me the number of miles I drive every year.

In order to get a quotation to get a quote, you’ll need to give an annual average mileage. Spend the time to determine how much each week will take you.

Falsely declaring that you have low mileage can cause an increase in premium, lower claimability or even the cancellation of insurance.

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