Here are some top tips for selling your home

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  1. First impressions count

Most buyers will make a decision on your home as soon as they step foot outside your front door. You should tidy up the front garden and paint the window sills or front door if they are looking tired. Also, you need to plant flowers and trim back shrubs. Your house number should be clearly visible to your potential buyer. Your property should have great curb appeal. Petty Real has been serving estate agents barnoldswick for more than 95 years. We employ more than 40 dedicated and experienced staff members.

  1. De-clutter and remove all personalization

Potential buyers want to visualize themselves living in your home. It’s important to remove any posters or photos of children and to make sure that teddy bear collections are out of reach. You should put away anything that you don’t use every day. You should keep your kitchen work surfaces, bath area and top drawers clear of clutter. Your property should be easy to view by anyone who is interested.

  1. Refresh the environment

To keep your property appealing and modern, you should paint the hallway with neutral colors, re-tile around the sink and re-grouting around bath.

  1. The big clean

This is a great opportunity to clean out your under-stairs closet, dust over your shelves and wardrobes. You should never underestimate the importance of cleanliness and order. Make sure to clean every room from top-to-bottom. To make your home smell fresh and inviting, ensure that your toilets and bathroom are clean.

  1. Your rooms should be defined

If your home has three bedrooms, you should show it with three bedrooms. You shouldn’t make your third bedroom a computer room, or use the dining room as a gym. Buyers will see only the space they need and assume that the bedroom is too small to accommodate a bed, or that the dining area is too small to be used for eating in. This can cause buyers to be dissatisfied and decrease the home’s value.

  1. It should be neutral and light

Buyers won’t be put off by neutral colours, but they will be attracted to brighter or darker colours. Buyers will be able to see the potential for personalization by keeping your home neutral. This will help to lighten dark rooms. The illusion of space can be created by hanging a mirror in the hallway.

  1. Get the most out of your outdoor space

While gardens and yards are great selling points, a messy mess is not. It is important to maintain outdoor spaces that are attractive and usable for buyers by weeding, pruning, and planting. A bin store can be a great idea to hide and screen wheelie bins.

  1. It is the little things that count

Make sure that you’ve done all the small jobs before you show potential buyers the house. Fix any blown bulbs, replace the light bulbs, fix the hinges and screws on the cupboard doors, place the kickboard back into the kitchen, and repair the skirting board and beading that runs along the laminated flooring.

  1. Neighbourhood

What is the condition of your neighbor’s garden and property? Are they displaying rubbish or an overgrown yard? Talk to them about your concerns and offer to trim their hedges or to take the trash to the local tip. Buyers will not be just looking at your property, but also the location. A buyer should also be aware of nearby shops, schools, and motorway connections. A buyer can make the neighborhood more attractive by making it more appealing.

  1. You can’t be a part of your home.

You can make the mental decision to let go of all your emotions and just focus on the fact this house is no longer yours. You may not be loved by every buyer. Don’t let negative feedback get in the way of your home.